The story behind Foo Concepts is quite simple 😉

Foo is a Dutch born Asian, grew up here but with a lot of Asian influences. Maybe you recognize yourself with Foo; growing up with manga and anime, love for Asian food, your good eye for cute things, listening to Asian music, etc etc. And to give you the same familiar vibe; Foo has created a café introducing  his favorite (street)food, the bubble waffle (with a twist) to you guys. While enjoying the food and drinks the whole environment should bring you a little back to Asia. If we share the same interests.. Well, let’s meet each other here then! See you soon! XO team Foo

What is our concept?

So the next question is: what happens next when we found each other at Foo Concepts? We share the same interests, so let’s do what we Asian Lovers love to do: have some fun of course! At Foo Concepts we offer a lot of entertainment so we won’t just be like any (boring) café you hop by for some coffee and bubbletea and leave again. Here we give you the opportunity to sing karaoke with your friends , play some boardgames, enter game tournaments, enjoy several Kpop events, meet other cosplayers, etc etc.

You can also rent our venue and host your own birthday party to your likings. Or collab with Foo if you have a great event you want to host! Don’t be shy and just contact us!