Well, to give you the complete Asian vibe we also have entertainment. Who doesn’t know karaoke, gaming with your friends, movie nights, etc. But here at our café we introduce these entertainment on Asian level.

Let’s say karaoke; in Asia we know karaoke in private rooms with good food and drinks, maybe you can remember those times when you were traveling in Asia. If not, our café can offer a similar vibe with our own private decorated rooms. Whether you come with a big party friends or with only your best friend, but for both options we have private karaoke rooms. 

Gaming comes from Asia, we all know so. Whether you are looking for a good spot with your friends to hang out while gaming. Or you want to enter some game tournaments to show off your skills. Or you always wanted to enjoy VR with your friends but in a private room. We know how important gaming is in our Asian culture, that’s why we also provide private rooms for gaming.